Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Beatles- DIY Abbey Road Art

The Beatles- DIY Abbey Road Art by Jennifer

Levi's room is music themed, and when I think of music or bands one that stands out is The Beatles.  Who doesn't love at least one of their songs?  I showed my husband this cool piece of art I found on ETSY.
It's made out of License plates and wood.  I loved it but I did not have $1,200 to spend on a piece of art.  I don't have $1,200 to spend on anything.  I kept searching for through google to find images or art that maybe I could somehow copy in Levi's room.  I also found this picture on google and thought it would be pretty cool in a music themed room.
And after talking to my awesome and creative husband we decided to mesh the two ideas together to come up with our own unique piece of art.

I had two canvases hanging in our 1/4 bath that I had covered with fabric a year or so ago.  I basically ripped the hot glued fabric off the canvas in order to have a clean canvas to work with.
Next we printed out an abbey road stencil image from google, and cut "The Beatles" out.  

I decided to glue the cut outs onto contact paper, and then cute them out using an exacto knife.  Once they were cut out we stuck them on to the canvas making sure they went on smooth without any air bubbles.

Then we searched through our stash of paint and went with the espresso brown.  We decided to splatter the paint on the canvas using a small sponge brush.
Once the paint was on we hung the canvas over our drop cloth to drip excess paint off and to dry.

When the paint was dry Justin peeled off the contact paper Beatles.

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  1. hey how did you do the splashing paint effect, I was trying to do a similar picture for my grandpa. If you have any tips or advice thatd be amazing!