Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DIY: ruffle necklace

DIY: ruffle necklace by DANIELLE BURKLEO

i am so excited to share my first ever DIY that involves a needle and thread. it is actually the first time i ever even attempted to stitch (or sew??)… i don't even know the correct term i should be using for this tutorial. how bout that. that is how educated i am in all things needles and thread.

my friend kate asked me to be a part of her ruffled up series and i could not turn down the offer. it was a challenge i was nervous to take on, so all the more reason to do it.

supplies: felt or fabric, necklace chain, needle, thread, and scissors.

i used a bamboo blend hot pink felt because i am obsessed with it and it is so super soft. i ended up making another ruffle necklace out of fabric shortly afterward because i was so smitten with the first.

step 1: cut a piece of your felt about 4.5 inches by 12 inches and fold it in half. i totally just made those measurements up from eyeballing my necklace. bad blogger who is occasionally crafty, i know.

step 2: place your chain in the middle of your felt at the fold.

step 3: thread your needle. i took me 33 times to even get the thread through the eye of the needle, which i was calling the loop, until my mom informed me it was, in fact, called the eye. try to beat 33, i dare you.


step 5: stitch (sew?) underneath the chain, through both layers of felt, leaving thread at the beginning and end of felt for gathering.

step 6: pull thread at both ends to get your ruffle ruffled just as you'd like.

step 7: tie knots at each end and trim off extra thread.

step 8: put on your pretty new ruffles and smile.


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