Thursday, January 12, 2012

summer camps

Last night I picked all of our summer camp themes for a little artsy!
We cannot wait!!!!
Each week will be filled with projects that go along with the various themes.

 1. dinos and flowers
 2. a bug's life, critter week
3. alice and wonderland
4. jungle " animals everywhere"
5. famous artists
 6. future and past: fairytales and rockets 
 7. fish and island fun
 8. knights, superheroes and princesses
 9. the wild west
 10. your favorite characters- (monsters inc, toy story, disney)
 11. dr. seuss
 12. fruit and food picnic fun!


  1. Sounds like really, really fun theme weeks!!

  2. Oh i wish my daughter lived close to you, she loves art! loves it!