Tuesday, December 11, 2012

a first painting.

 why hello. my name is Dawnelle. i am considered many things, mother and wife are at the top of the list. but you must not forget lover of sharpies, chief nose wiper, avid obsessor of texture and fabric, bohemian lover, interior designer, laundress, and the best book reader ever. i write over on Just Dawnelle about my sweet family and my life... what i think, feel, love, believe, do and obsess over.

Children's artwork melts my heart... every time. Looking back on this small project just makes me want to cry! It is one of the most special things I own. His sister's red floral painting will be hanging with it soon!

My baby's first painting.

We used water color paper and water colors.

Mommy painted a line for the branch.

I painted the little yellow flowers with a little help.

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  1. what a beautiful and sweet way to frame your kiddo's first {and subsequent} paintings... gonna have to try this!!