Sunday, January 6, 2013

DIY: Triangle Painted Playroom.

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painted playroom | westover manor

Triangles. Triangles are EVERYWHERE right now. And really, is anyone surprised? How much fun are triangles! The hubs and I made a little playroom for our little man under our little stairs in our very little place. It is both kid cave and Harry potter reading nook. Hide-out and party central. Quinn is constantly asking for Mama to 'come hide' with him.

step one | westover manor

tools // 
an apple or potato
black paint 
a paint brush

step two | westover manor

how to // 
begin by cutting your apple/potato into a triangle shape
use the paint brush to load it up
stamp the wall
load up your stamp each time for a solid triangle, 
or use it for a few stamps before reloading for that less finished look 

Quinn lasted through about 4-5 stamps before he lost interest. And that's okay. It's more about the process and spending that quality time together. We spent more time tickling and cuddling than actually painting, which is just fine by me.


triangle playroom | westover manor

Q_play | westover manor

check out the playroom grand reveal over here

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