Tuesday, January 22, 2013

handmade LOVE.


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I almost never decorate for holidays. Christmas is my one exception. It's the only one I feel that needs the extra stuff to really make it feel magical. But this year I'm trying make bigger deals of holidays so the kiddos know they are special and different than other days and times in the year.

Today the Q dude made his heart stamped valentines. We made three in all, one for Grandma & Grandpa, one for Nana & Papa and one for Daddy-o. We ran out of steam at the end and didn't get to string the ribbon through the top of these, but you can imagine how cute that will look.


Tools //
Toilet Paper Roll
Scissors - for the ribbon 
Construction or Printer paper


How To //
1. Start with the toilet paper roll
2. Fold it in half and crease it
3. Open the roll back up and push the center of one side down until it touches the other side
4. Tape the now heart shaped roll so it keeps its shape
5. Make sure you have the shape you want, otherwise re-adjust and re-tape.
6. Lay out your computer/construction paper
7. Pour a thin layer of paint into a bowl
8. Show your little one how to dip the paint
9. And stamp it
10. Set them loose & 
Let 'em go!


Extras //
We'll be using a hole punch at the tops of these to add some glitter ribbon.
I'm planning on helping Quinn write his name on these for that little extra touch of love.



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Rachael! Q had a blast with it. :)

  2. love it! now I really do need to save those toilet paper rolls . lol