Wednesday, January 9, 2013


why hello. my name is Dawnelle. i am considered many things, mother and wife are at the top of the list. but you must not forget lover of sharpies, chief nose wiper, avid obsessor of texture and fabric, bohemian lover, interior designer, laundress, and the best book reader ever. i write over on Just Dawnelle about my sweet family and my life... what i think, feel, love, believe, do and obsess over. 

When I found out I was first pregnant with my little boy, I had such ideas for his nursery! I wanted it to be fun and youthful but not at all babyish. I wanted to design a nursery that would have features that could grow with him, things that he could continue to have in his room while he grew up.

That is when I found the Kandinsky prints. They were perfect! The colors were youthful and playful yet they would be something that he could grow with. The goal was to create an eclectic mix of modern lines, bold colors, and ethnic patterns and textures.

A few notes on some of the details...

His quilt and bedding were all made by me... the details of his quilt can be found here.

The rocking chair is a refinished chair originally used by my mother-in-law when she had her first child, who Christopher is named after.

His mobile is one of my very favorite things in his entire room! It consists of 32 paper origami cranes all in a different, yet coordinating, colored paper. It is absolutely fabulous!!!

 A few more details... remember this fun project with the scrapbook paper?? I love having a picture of the boy's mommy and daddy in his room for him to see...

The picture above his changing table, the one above, is a collection of Picasso's animal sketches. It is actually from Ikea, but I love having classic art in a children's room! The boy thinks it is a total blast as well to point to the different animals.

I'm so excited to have the room all put together after all this time! It has become my very favorite room in the house... I won't lie... and the boy loves it too I think!

What do you think? Was I able to accomplish my goal??

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  1. The room looks AMAZING! I especially love the cranes and the blue glass bottles. You definitely accomplished your goal!