Thursday, January 24, 2013

office artwork.

Hi ya, I'm Kelly. Mom to buddy roo + two, designer, creative director & blogger at Westover Manor. Where I share my style, show off my little ones and talk a bit about life and design.

Just before the Hubs and I started dating, literally just before. I had the amazing opportunity to go on a 15 day transatlantic cruise with my sister. We started in Florida and stopped in England, France, Norway, The Netherlands and finally Denmark. 
The night before I was to leave on my trip the yet-to-be-Hubs and I had our second date, and things were going well. So well in fact that I was sure he was going to send me off with our first kiss. Of course he didn't because he chickened out! But we sorted all that out when I got back and spent a whirlwind-ish year and half dating, engaging and then getting married like the crazy love birds we are.

I've had photos and collages of this trip all over our house since we were first married and I don't think I'll ever get rid of them. They've since moved around and have been pushed aside to make way for family photos, baby photos and silly life photos. Currently the Oslo Collage I created is situated on my desk. So I thought I would doodle a little something viking inspired to accompany it...

I now feel like my work station is more than just a computer desk. Now it's a space to create and be inspired.
I had an art teacher tell me once to never create from your mind. Meaning, never create from nothing. Instead find a piece of inspiration and work from there. The finished product will always be more refined and complete when you have a solid starting point and vision to work toward.



  1. So pretty! Apparently I have Viking ancestors so I can connect to this ;) Love it! Em