Sunday, February 10, 2013


Contributed by Danielle Roy. Christ follower.  Married to my best friend. Mother to three. Photographer. Vintage. HomeschoolLikes simple.  Enjoys the little things.  From the SouthBlogs at PONY+MAUDE. Instagram @PONYMAUDE.

This ranks right up top with me, as far as Valentines go. And it's one you will for sure want to pull out year after year.  I pinned it here 

Recently, I have utilized this pretty cool website for making coloring pages straight from pictures we have taken. So when I saw this Valentines idea, I knew exactly how to get the same look- without having to be a sketch artist! The project is self explanatory and took all of 5 minutes.  The kids cut the hearts, I cut  the sketches. I'll say it again, my heart is all a pitter patter over this one.

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