Thursday, September 19, 2013

DIY Feather Headdress

Hello lovelies!! I'm Shio, born and raised Native American gal, who loves being a momma to her 3 little sweeties, married to her love, crafter, blogger at SWeetnessaboos, homeschooler, & etsy shops owner; all while living in the beautiful Southwest!!

Today's tutorial is super easy and SUPER LOVELY!! I was so excited to share this tutorial because all things native inspired are huge in fashion & home decor right now!! And of course with it being fall weather now, it seemed to be the perfect kind of headwear/headband to craft!

What you'll need:

Step one// measure your head or your child's that you are making this for. cut the FOE (fold over elastic) the same size as your head. 

Step two// take the FOE and shape it into a circle making sure that the ends overlap each other about 1 inch, then hot glue it in place.

Step three// cut out two 1x5 inch pieces of felt

Step four// A. gather your 3 feather pieces (if they look like the bottom fluffy one have no fear, i will help you shape them to look like B.)
C. turn the feather upside down and snip the feather from one side at an angle
D. flip the feather over and do the same to the other side

Step five// arrange your feathers across the felt, then hot glue them down.

Step six// take your FOE headband piece and lay it across the felt & feathers, then hot glue it down.

Step seven// glue down 2nd piece of felt over FOE and feathers

Step eight// put a line of hot glue in the center, straight across the felt. then lay a strand of sequin ribbon over the glue. once glue is set (cool), trim off excess of sequins. if the sequins on the ends are not fully secure just add a tiny bit of hot glue to set. 

Step nine// if the back of your button looks like this, then get your pliers out and snip that excess piece away. (this will help so that the button lays flat when glued)

Step ten// add a good amount of hot glue to your button and glue it to the center of the felt & sequin ribbon

Now wait for your glue to set and admire your lovely new feather headdress headband! I told you this was easy, and best of all there was no sewing required!!! There are so many ways you can customize this to fit your needs, or likes by changing the colors or by adding sew on gems instead of a button!!

 I am so happy with how lovely this turned out!! If you make this you def have to share pics with me via instagram: @sweetnessaboos!

If you want to see more DIY's or keep up with me & my family, come visit me at Sweetnessaboos!!

Thanks so much for having me!! xoxo!! -Shio