Wednesday, June 22, 2011

diy: bias tape rosette earrings

diy: bias tape rosette earrings by DANIELLE BURKLEO

if these aren't the cutest things…


bias tape
{you can buy this at joann's or whatever your local fabric store is. it is super cheap and a there is a large variety of colors}
earring studs
{$1.99 for 60 @ michael's}
earring backs
{$1.99 for 60 @ michael's}
hot glue or strong craft glue


step 1:
cut two strips of bias tape about 5-6 inches long.

step 2:
tie a knot at the end of each strip.

step 3:
wrap and twist the tape around the knot, varying tightness.


step 4: hot glue the end of the tape on the underside of the rosette for a base.

step 5: hot glue the earring studs on the back of the rosettes


step 6: put earrings on, look in the mirror, and admire those dainty little things.

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