Friday, June 24, 2011

make yourself a painted lampshade

make yourself a painted lampshade

there once was a lonely lamp without a shade sitting on our dresser. i wanted to make a shade for it but was just waiting for the right inspiration.  i found a brand new plain white shade at Goodwill for $.99. SCORE.  i came straight home and got to thinking - aka - browsing pinterest and i found my inspiration.

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

 it was love at first sight.  i decided to charge head first into this project.  i picked out 3 colors that would match our bedroom.  aqua, orange, and yellow.

i began by measuring the diameter of both the top and bottom circle of the shade.  i divided that number by 4. ex. bottom measured 24 inches around. so i divded 24 by 4 which is 6.  i then marked every 6 inches around the bottom. then did the same for the top. these were my mark for the first set of 'V's' - where the points would touch.

i picked yellow as my first color and started connecting the points as you can see in the first two pictures.

then i got my second color, aqua, and made 'V's' inside of the yellow 'V's'.

finally orange triangles filled in the aqua 'V's'. and viola....

i love it.  and it fits perfectly on that lonely little lamp!

(disclaimer - sorry for the iphone pics, my camera was dead and there was no time to charge - kids were napping and shade needed painting)

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