Monday, October 29, 2012

changing leaves.

Project by Danielle Landy

Taking a mid afternoon walk around the block, I picked up these leaves and began to feel the change that would occur as the season transitions into the next.

"For everything there is a season, and a time for ever matter under heaven.." 
Ecclesiastes 3:1, ESV

With the changing of leaves, here are a few  easy ideas for you to do with your little one's.

Supplies: -bucket -markers -construction paper -glue 

 First, have the kids go on a short walk around the neighborhood and pick up several different leaves. The children could begin collecting a pile in their bucket and add more along the way. 

Second, have the kids come back together and discuss what they saw on their walk. Different kinds of trees, leaves, maybe animals and colors. 

 Thirdly, have the students talk about the different shapes they see within the leaves and promote an open conversation. Young kids would already do well at this. Then with a construction piece of paper you could have the kids make a little collage art piece with their new findings. They can use the markers to outline the leaves, make objects on the piece of paper and really allow freedom in this activity. (NO CHILD CAN MESS UP) 

 Hang & display in your home!

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