Thursday, November 8, 2012

Potato Stamped Pants

post by: lauren isobel

   i wanted to share a really easy diy project for updating your little one's closet. 
 in 5 simple steps, you can create a unique article of clothing for your little one. all you need is a clothing item of choice, potato, and fabric paint. 

 pair of pants 

steps: 1. cut a potato in half and use a knife to cut out your desired shape 
 2. dip your potato in fabric paint 
 3. lay your jeans out flat and make sure you wipe any excess paint off of the potato stamp with a qtip 
 4. start stamping. dip the potato in the paint between each stamp 
 5. that's it...let your pants dry and you're done!


  1. This is so unique! What a great idea. The pants look super cute!

  2. Oh my gosh, those are so adorable!

  3. Potato stamped pants such a stellar idea!

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