Tuesday, February 26, 2013

baby food.


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Today I want to talk about homemade baby food. It really is as simple as one, two, three... and yet it is such a huge commitment. Mostly because of the clean up, plus you have to keep coming up with new concoctions to tempt their rapidly growing taste buds.
Which is why I am content in making their very first foods at home and then purchasing the fancy concoctions from the store.

Thus far I've made all three of my babies first foods from scratch. I wanted to be sure that they were getting the best of the best for their very first introductions into solids.
And the best way I knew to do that was to do it myself.
Steam, Puree & Serve.
One, Two, Three.

And oh good golly, it is just so much fun to watch them learn and grow. My twin son took to solids like a champ. The spoon is a non-issue for him. My twin daughter has a harder time. We now have to put her solids in a squeeze tube - or buy the organic squeeze tubes - and serve them to her that way. She'd rather suck her food than chew it.
All things in their own time...

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  1. Lol...his eyes are so funny! He's probably just trying to convince us how delicious it is :)