Tuesday, February 26, 2013

recipe love.

hello lovely! my name is rae and i own a company with my mom called ARMOMMY. i have 4 kidlets and created armommy to give every mama access to helpful products and fresh designs, as well as fantastic recipes, DIY's and DIWY's (do it with youngsters) via our blog. hope you stop by!  

 i spent sometime last fall putting together this delicious and updated version of: i n d i v i d u a l t u r k e y m e a t l o a v e s . mini-sized food is a fave in our home. so is c o m f o r t f o o d . if the same is true in your family, than this recipe is sure to be a crowd pleaser! every part of the process brings a little bit of warmth into the home, from the ingredients to the baking and then finally the eating. so good. my kids devoured them, ask for seconds, and are usually so full by the end of the meal that they don't even ask for dessert.

it's also an easy recipe for the kids to help with.... and takes hardly any extra work to make extra for sharing with friends or neighbors! and (one more side note) because the mini loaves need 45 minutes in the oven, there is plenty of time for the kids to help you clean up and set the table! 

 click the image above to download the recipe. this recipe was also part of t h e s p r e a d , (a monthly subscription based meal plan) last october. we are in the middle of making some exciting adjustments (including donating a portion of the proceeds to world vision) but will be back up and running before may! i get excited just thinking about it.... feeding a family is a BIG job and i love the thought of being able to help others. you can head here for more deets or send me an email. before you go, i'd love to know what your fam bam's favorite food is, in the comments below! <3 . rae r a e {vp & mom} ARMOMMY


  1. We love one pot meals like this vegetable orzo soup here: http://annapolisandcompany.com/2013/02/some-weekendy-recipes/

    Love all you do, Rae! Thanks for sharing here on A Little Artsy!

  2. These look so so delicious! And not just for kiddos...I would totally eat these all the time!