Sunday, February 3, 2013

go, go , go!

Contributed by Danielle Roy. Christ follower.  Married to my best friend. Mother to three. Photographer. Vintage. HomeschoolLikes simple.  Enjoys the little things.  From the SouthBlogs at PONY+MAUDE. Instagram @PONYMAUDE.

You have probably visited a children's museum. But, have you attempted to introduce your children to a more mature museum experience?  The thought alone may be intimidating. Here are a few tips to help shake those fears, and prepare you and your child for a wonderful trip to the museum.
1. Ahead of time. Be sure that all those tummies are full and potty breaks have been had. Most museums won't allow drinks or snacks. Planning your trip after a morning car snack would perhaps work best.
2. Prep. Just before you arrive, prepare their minds for what's aheadPose the rules in the form of questions. Where are we going? What voices do we use? Do we touch? 
3. Plan. Have you and your spouse or a friend visited before. If so, maybe you know your route? Small children will probably not be able to observe everything. These days most museums have an online directory, or consult one when you first arrive on sight. 
4. Participate. If the child is of age, have them take a notebook to jot their thoughts. Or draw their version of what they see. Lots of children love to journal and doodle like this. If it's a wee one you have with you, play on their interests. "Look mommy at the circus (in the painting)!" Yes it is! Do you see the clowns? What color are the elephants? 
5. Know when to fold. Most children are only going to manage up to a 30 minute visit. Even less for younger guys. It doesn't seem like much time when you consider the prep, but know that you are instilling a life time love for the museum and arts with each minute your there.

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