Thursday, February 7, 2013

heart headband.

Hey y'all, I'm Ginny! Mama to Addison + Jack, wife, Texas gal and blogger over at Chasing Sunshine. A little lifestyle and creative blog where I share bits  + pieces of my life with fun crafty tutorials along the way.

Today's tutorial is EASY and I do mean easy + the end result is awesome...end of story! I just LOVE this for Valentine's day, but of course it is perfect for any time of the year, just switch out the colors and you are good to go. 

What you need: one yard of ribbon, string or elastic of choice, felt for hearts and felt for backing, scissors, glue gun. 

What to do: 1//cut out heart shapes from your felt. You want to cut two pieces for each heart you are attaching to the headband 2//cut circles out for the backing. You will need one circle for each heart 3//hot glue the two pieces of each heart together so it is now one piece (see below)

4//after you have each heart glued together you want to lay them out onto a flat surface 5//place a line of hot glue down the middle of each heart (going vertical) and place your ribbon of choice down on top. Press for a few seconds so that the glue sets 6//now you want to glue down your felt backing onto the top of the ribbon and heart (see below) 

Now, flip your headband over and view the finished result! If this is not easy then I don't know what is. Play around with your design and the placing of the hearts to make a few different headbands. We love ours!

We ended up just tying ours around the head to secure them and it worked perfectly. Feel free to sew the ends together if you think this will work better for you. 

Send me pictures of yours if you make one...I'd love to see them:! Oh and have a HAPPY day. xo-ginny


  1. This is ridiculously adorable! I need a little girl;)

  2. wow,so cute and lovely!