Thursday, February 7, 2013

shopper in training.

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little shopper | WESTOVER MANOR

Trader Joes shopping... is there really anything better to do after a mommy-son date than hit up the local Trader Joe's? I didn't think so either... so there we were standing outside the Trader Joes and I was all like but you love sitting in the cart. And was all like not happening mama. 

And then the most wonderful thing happened, I mean, besides shopping at the Trader Joe's, duh.... the mini shopping cart caught my eye. 
And there it was. 

And so, my little shopper was born.
  little shopper | westover manor

In went the blanket in the quickest little toddler toss kind of way and off went that little part of me that walks around outside of me. If I had a dollar for every little thing he did that I do every time at the Trader Joe's, I'd have like... five dollars! It was ridiculously cute to watch my little man do the shopping.

Nana's, Salad, Granola Bars... check.
  SHOPPING 1 | westover manor

  SHOPPING 2 | westover manor

Corn Startch, 
Sea Salt... 
  SHOPPING 3 | westover manor

Oh you guys, then I took him to Heaven....
the frozen isle. 
And do you know what he went to first? 
Who's kid is this??? 
Sorbet!? Of all the heavenly items on that row of rows without much parental supervision he had to be all healthy and stuff. 
I was equal parts proud and appalled all at the same time.

Don't worry I steered him in the right direction... 
the ice cream sandwiches. 
With extra chocolate chips.

And that's how we roll. 

 // There were only two surprise items when we got home. 
An avocado, and a bag of peanut butter cups trail mix. 
Again, such a proud mama! 


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  1. This is so cute! I love that they have little mini shopping really gets the kids involved. Glad you two found a good mother-son place!