Friday, March 8, 2013

diy hearts.

Annapolis & COmpany | DIY Applique Tee
Annapolis & Company | DIY Applique
Hi schooners! I'm Mary Beth and I blog over at Annapolis & Company about our new life in the midwest. We're lovers of rainy days, starbucks coffee dates, weekend adventures, and anything stripy and nautical. I hope you'll come say hello!
Today we're talking DIY simple. Real simple. I am a novice seamstress, at best, and this was one of my first projects I ever did! There are several tutorials out there for this one, but I have included my method below using old J Crew sweaters for my coordinating fabric. I love the texture and cozy it adds to a basic concept. Want to make some of these darlings too???
What you'll need:
Annapolis & Company | DIY Applique
// a sewing machine
// iron and ironing board
// and something hard you can iron on, like a piece of wood.
{Never used Heat n Bond before? You can find it here.}
Annapolis & Company | DIY Applique
Step One: Print out your image you are using for your appliqué, or free-hand one.
Step Two: Cut out your image.
Annapolis & Company | DIY Applique
Step Three: Cut your fabric to slightly larger than your image cut-out.
Step Four: Cut heat n' bond to the same shape as your fabric.
Step Five: Make sure you place your heat n' bond with the bumpy and glossy side facing up and backing your fabric. {This is the side that, when heated, will make it adhere to your fabric.}
Annapolis & Company | DIY Applique
Step Six: Iron your fabric to the heat n' bond on a low heat setting, on top of a hard surface, such as a piece of wood {as shown here}. You want it to be completely bonded to the fabric.
Annapolis & Company | DIY Applique
Step Seven: Trace your image to the back of your fabric, wrong side facing you, if you are using an image where direction matters.
Step Eight: Cut out your image now.
Step Nine: Peel the backing of the heat n bond away from your fabric. There should be left a glossy surface on your fabric.
Annapolis & Company | DIY Applique
Step Ten: Arrange the placement of your appliqués onto your article of clothing.
Annapolis & Company | DIY Applique
Step Eleven: Run a top stitch around your appliqué. I keep my machine on the slowest setting it will go, so that my stitching can be as accurately close to the edge of my appliqué as possible. I also love my triple stitch setting on my machine, which is the stitch shown above. Looks professional and gives instant texture! And I used a zig zag stitch for this J. Crew, chunky, sweater material below...
Annapolis & Company | DIY Applique
Simply adorable, no?
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  1. I love this! It is definitely going on my sewing to do list! Thanks for sharing :)