Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Recycled Record Picture Frame.


Hi, I'm Courtney ~ a Military WifeArt Teacher, and Momma to a sweet blue~eyed little boy who's generous with his kisses and loves Mickey Mouse.  I share everyday art projects and creativity for children and families, along with my stories of love, faith, and motherhood on Once Upon a Canvas.  I dream of fresh boxes of Prismacolors, textured paper, and of one day having my own art studio where I can teach art to little ones on paint~stained tables all day long.

I took this ^ photograph of Jake with his Daddy's trumpet when he was a little over 6 months old.

To this day, it's still one of my very favorite pictures of him.

I just love my little blue~eyed, barefoot musician.

Once I'd finished this project, I had a few old records left over, so when I came across a copy of this photo I'd forgotten I even had, I knew just what to do with it.

Wanna know how to make a Recycled Record Picture Frame of your very own?

I thought you might ;-)

What You'll Need:
+ An old record.
+ Your favorite 5x7 Photo (or larger, depending on the size of your record's label & how big the focal point of your photograph is).
+  Something round (a little larger than your record's label; I used the rim of a margarita glass) that you may use to trace & crop your picture.
+ A Pen.
+ A Pair of Scissors.
+ Craft Glue.
+ A Clean Sheet of Paper (this will help keep the fingerprints off of your photograph when you go to glue it onto the record).

What You'll Do:
+ Find a round object a little larger than your record's label that you can use to trace a circle around the focal point of your picture.
+ Once you've traced your circle, trim away the rest of the photograph with your scissors.
+ Carefully apply a thin layer of Craft Glue to the record label, as well as to the back of your photograph.
+ Gently place your photograph on top of the center of the record label (glue side down), then use your clean sheet of paper to press on top of your photo, so you can continue to glue it firmly onto the record without getting fingerprints all over it.
+ When the glue has dried, your photo frame will be ready to be hung in a special place. 

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