Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Recycled Record Wall Letters.


Hi, I'm Courtney ~ a Military WifeArt Teacher, and Momma to a sweet blue~eyed little boy who's generous with his kisses and loves Mickey Mouse.  I share everyday art projects and creativity for children and families, along with my stories of love, faith, and motherhood on Once Upon a Canvas.  I dream of fresh boxes of Prismacolors, textured paper, and of one day having my own art studio where I can teach art to little ones on paint~stained tables all day long.

Our Little Man's room is decked out in an oldies rock 'n roll theme.

Vinyl.  Vintage guitars.  An old Eric Clapton & The Cream playbill.

It took me a little while to come up with the perfect way to display the letters in Jake's name over his crib, but while thumbing through the old records at a local thrift store, a light~bulb went off.

Jake's Recycled Record Wall Letters were so inexpensive & easy to make.  All it took was about $10 (or less), and an hour of therapeutic painting during nap~time.

What You'll Need:
+ Old Records.
+ Letter Stencils.
+ Acrylic Paint.
+ A fine Paint Brush.
+ A Round Stencil Paintbrush.

What You'll Do:
+ Carefully paint over the old label on each record.  It may take a few coats to cover them completely, but no worries ~ acrylic paint dries quickly.
+ Once the top coat has dried completely, stencil your letters onto the freshly painted record label.
+ Touch~up the letters, if needed, with your fine paint brush.
+ And, finally ~ hang your recycled art work for all to see.

What crafty Old~Things~Made~New do you have around your house?

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